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Poster: deadn73 Date: Apr 2, 2007 2:53pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Songs that got better later on

those are two great versions ( i have both those shows) but if ur saying ramble on rose got better because in those versions he belts out the lyrics, then ur assuming he never did in 72 (it was played over 20 times im willing to bet that he sang at least one of them as passionately as those ones, with a better sounding voice), and based on ur scale there is a version from 74 that was the easily on par with those two vocal wise, and like i said i have both those shows u posted

the songs that have an actual arguement for better are the ones where they acutally expand the sound musically, thats not the case here.. though they did decrease the energy throughout the years...

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Poster: grendelschoice Date: Apr 3, 2007 2:24am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Songs that got better later on

Hey, I'm more than willing to listen, but "Show me the Jerry!" (Sorry). I need proof. And I always love finding new versions of songs I love (and Ramble is one of my favorites). I only discovered 11-30-80 recently and was blown away by it.

My point is that the early versions--while featuring Jerry in fine vocal form, I agree his voice never sounded better/stronger than in '72-'73--tend to be on the mellower side and Europe '72's Ramble is no exception. In later years they seemed to grow in confidence with playing around with the bridge jam of the song and Jerry delighted (at times) in really booming out the key "Goodbye Mama and Papa" section, which really is the emotional payoff of the tune.

I'm willing to hear those examples of early '72 versions where the band demonstrates this but until I hear clear instances of such, i still maintain that the song grew in power and richness of overall playing in those 8 years between '72 and '80. Hence, it got better.

(As I say, in later years, especially the 1980's, the song became sloppy and was more often than not a 1st set throwaway in which Jerry butchered the lyrics and croaked his way thru the end lyric...very disappointing, but this is a fate suffered by a lot of songs in the 1980's, including Row Jimmy and others.)